Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hot Fun in the Summertime!

Well ...............It looks like we're going to skip spring this year  in Wisconsin, so I'm hoping that we have a summer. It's the opening of fishing season this week-end and I don't think the ice is off the lakes in the northern part of the state. So this is the mind set I'm in. I'm thinking warm summer day and cool summer nights.
And I'm thinking about new soaps for the summer craft fairs.I have a few so far. Take a look at these:)

Butterflies Are Free to Fly
I love butterflies! My oldest son used to collect them as a child. We never went anywhere without a butterfly net. I have many good memories of that time in my life. And that is why I love these soaps. This listing is for all three. In colors of yellow, orange and blue and scented with almond and honey,these sweet soaps smell like summer flowers.

Gold Fish in a Bag
 Growing up in small town U.S.A. I had the good fortune to attend many country fairs with my family. And one of the first places I would run to was the "Fish Pond". The sight of those pretty goldfish all lined up in their little glass bowls was quite a thrill! All you had to do was toss a ping-pong balls into the top of the little bowls and your were the proud owner of your very own goldfish. Well, my goldfish now live in glycerin soap, and best of all they come in colors. Children of all ages love them. Just peel back the plastic and use as you would any bar of soap. This is a fun bar to give as a gift. They always bring a smile. Our country fair fish is fragrance-free so it is safe for even the youngest child.

Flip Flop Fun

Try this flip flop on for size. Cute enough for every day use. This bar of soap is made of pure glycerin soap and has the reminiscent scent of Coppertone. It will take you back to hot summer days of sun, sand and fun!

Get Your Kicks on the Grass
I made this bar for all the soccer moms out there. I was a soccer mom. From the time our boys were 5 years old they played the game. Summer rec,all through high school and now that they are grow men, they still play at least once a week! I guess I'm still a soccer mom:) I scented this soap with "Fresh Cut Grass" fragrance. What else?I made these soaps in white, pink and blue. If you would like a different color, just contact me and let me know what you would like.

Juicy Watermelon
Wouldn't you like a slice of juicy watermelon straight from the garden? It's one of the simple pleasures I love. But it will be awhile before I can indulge in that delight. So in the mean time I made this sweet smelling slice of watermelon soap. At least it smells like the real thing.:)

 This soap smells so good, it will make your mouth water! It's a combination of fudge chocolate, sweet vanilla and juicy strawberry. And I almost forgot, wild cheery on top:) Made with shea butter, this bar is wonderful for dry skin. Neopoltian Ice Cream Sundae is part of my Designer Soap Collection.

All these soaps and more can be found at my shop on Etsy.
This is what I have so far. But I have plenty more planned :)

So till next time,

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