Monday, March 21, 2011

In My Mind, I'm In the Garden!

It's been a long, cold, snowy winter here in the Midwest, and I just can't wait till Spring. I do a lot of daydreaming as I look out of the window. I see all the little projects I had hoped to get to last year and they seen to be laughing at me. The porches still need to be painted and I never got to move and divide some of my hostas that are now the size of small trees. And speaking of trees, my yard is full of hundreds of fallen branches. I love the old trees, but they really take a hit during the strong winter wind .But what I miss most is my garden!

 So, since I can't be in my garden, I have been making soap in the scent of some of my favorite spring floral scents :) Here they are:                    

Shady Lady Violet Soap
One of the first signs of spring and one of my all time favorites are the happy faced violets. This is one of those scents that is not real common, but is truly pleasant. It's sweet and floral. It does not smell like the old violet candies my mother used to keep in her purse! Some of you know what I mean :) This bar is made from shea butter for extra moisturizing.

Country Fresh Lilac
Country Fresh Lilac was inspired by the sweet smell of the lilacs on my grandmothers farm. This handmade, long lasting, mild bar of soap has a rich, creamy texture. Made with goats milk for its moisturizing qualities, it is wonderful for every day use. So enjoy springtime any time of the year.

Peony Paradise Soap

 Peonies are my favorite flower in the garden. It make me sad that they only stay around for about two weeks in spring. So for those two weeks I love to pick huge bouquets and share their incredible beauty with friends. Their scent just fills a room. And that is why this is my new favorite soap scent. It smells just like the real thing. Sweet and intoxicating. This bar is made from shea butter so it's great for dry skin.

Spring Fresh Tulip
 This bar of soap is as bright and sunny as a fresh spring day. It is scented with a fragrance called tulip bouquet. Made with shea butter, it will nourish even the driest skin.One of my new favorite scents. If you love the smell of tulip, I invite you to try is bar. You won't be disappointed.

All of these soap can be found at my Etsy shop at ,
                 Well I guess that's all for now. Thanks for your time to listen to my ramblings.



  1. Fantastic new scents! I think my favorites are tied between the lilac, peony and the colorful fun race car soaps!

  2. I love the Honeycomb soap - looks amazing! Actually, they all look amazing!

  3. So many awesome soaps- but I love the novelty of the fish in a bag soap- so fun!

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  5. The Patchouli & Sandalwood bar sound incredible, but what made me smile was the Peony soap! My dad raised the most beautiful ones (they smelled so good!), and the way you made the white and purple(my favorite color) look like petals in the soap is striking! Thanks for envoking wonderful memories with just a soap picture! ;)

  6. I LOVE the whipped cream soaps! They look so luxurious! I am following your blog and have liked your page!

  7. you make such cute soaps! I really love your designer soaps. The neopoliton cake is too cute!

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  9. Love the Neapolitan soap! My email is:

    I'm following you! On my way to FB