Friday, February 18, 2011

The Happy, Hungry Honeybee

If you love flowers and gardening as much as I do, than you have to love the honeybees! Not only do they pollinate our plants and crops,and give us wonderful sweet tasty honey,  they also produce beautiful sweet smelling beeswax for our candles. It's the honey that I want to talk about today.


I love honey in my tea, on my pancakes and in my soap. Yes I said soap. I love to make my soap with honey.
In fact I make four different bars of soap using honey. Here they are.

The Bee's Knees
 The bottom layer of this wonderfully fragrant bar is pure goats mike soap. It is then topped with a clear layer of honey infused glycerin soap textured to look like a chunk of real honey comb. This bar has the clean scent of oatmeal, milk and honey.
Citrus Honey Bar

Honey has a long and romantic history - it is one of the oldest "ingredients" know to man. Honey helps the skin retain moisture and is one of the many reasons it's so beneficial in a facial bar. It is also antibacterial. I use local honey in this in this light, warm, sweet scented soap. Bee pollen has been added as a light exfoliant.
Honey Bee Bar
On this bar I have a clear layer of glycerin soap which has bee pollen in bedded. The bee pollen has been found to help people suffering from allergies.

Honeycomb Soap
This bar of soap is made with all kinds of wonderful things like honey and shea butter.The honeycomb bar also contains wonderful ,helpful bee pollen.

All of these great bars can be found at my Etsy shop.

Bee seeing you. Thanks for stopping by and have a honey sweet day!


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